Stress Free Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving can be a really stressful day, so plan ahead and you will be just fine.

Not always feeling so relaxed during this special holiday? You’re not alone.

Are you one who needs to prepare everything yourself?

Check out these simple tips below and you’ll be on your way to a thankful feast.


Consider catering part of your dinner

Wait a minute, wait a minute…

I understand the control thing. You are the master of the poultry.

The beast of the feast, but perhaps order the mashed potatoes, stuffing and yams from a reputable restaurant and caterer.

I’ve been doing this the last couple of years and believe me, it is so helpful and has freed up much more time for me to drink wine.


Don’t be afraid to ask.

Are you inviting a lot of family and friends over to celebrate with you?

Ask someone to bring the wine.

Ask someone to bring the dessert.

Ask someone to bring flowers.

Look, I know how it is.

We all want to channel our inner Martha Stewart or for me, my inner Jacques Pepin but it’s ok to ask for help.

Think about the extra time you’ll have for doing things like, playing with the kids, relaxing and drinking wine.


Nobody likes an askhole.

Be careful not to be an askhole about it. You know…people who say that they are having a dinner and ask everyone to bring something so that they don’t need to make anything.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the same kitchen Rachael Ray does and I don’t have a sous chef, assistant or a dish washer.

Assuming you are not considering my plate licking dog. (only kidding)

Asking for help is perfectly acceptable.

It’s the season of giving, so let others give you a hand.


Getting help on Thanksgiving and on any occasion where there is a lot of cooking involved is perfectly acceptable and will still leave you with the Thanksgiving street cred. you’ve always had.



Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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