A New York Foodie’s Christmas Wish List. (AKA, The 12 Days Leading up to a Foodie’s Christmas)

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Christmas is my favorite time of year.

The house is carefully decorated from floor to ceiling with cheerful displays of celebration…

The crisp and cold weather is finally here and the fireplaces are roaring….

The days are short and the nights are long, so the wine keeps pouring…

Generosity and love are spoken about and acted upon….

As I put together the ultimate foodie wishlist so feast your eyes upon…

The Ultimate Foodie Wishlist:  NY Style!

I have always been a New Yorker and I love it everyday.

The food options are so wonderful that I celebrate them all of the time but especially during the holidays.

So at any point if you feel inclined, feel free to have Santa send me any one of these well thought out gifts and guarantee yourself a spot on the “Nice” list.

My first selection on the wishlist are pickles…. but not just any pickles.
TheFoodYouLove.com Pickle Pick: Brooklyn Brine Pickles–Damn Spicy, Whiskey Sour, NYC Deli – 3 Pk Combo

There’s no stork on the bottle, nor are there any pigs or a cucumber with a cape adorning the bottles.

What character the labels lack, the flavors makeup for.

Guys, take my word on this. 

I make pickles and I think I do a pretty good job at it but when I eat pickles from Brooklyn Brine, I feel like I should just throw away my mason jars.

Try them…they will rock your world.

Click the link below for the delicious flavors and options.

Brookyln in da’ Haus!

Brooklyn Brine Pickles – Damn, Whiskey, NYC – 3 Pk Combo


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