Day 3: Bagels. A New York Foodie’s Christmas Wish List. (AKA, The 12 Days Leading up to a Foodie’s Christmas)

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Happy Monday December 18th everyone!


New Yorker’s are always on the go.

Even when we are relaxed with no particular place to go, we are in a rush.

One of the most portable foods and one of the most deliciously simple noshes are NYC bagels.

For me, there are 2 choices. Plain or everything.

All or none.

I like being a minimalist and I like being extravagant with my food, it all depends upon my mood.

One of my favorite NYC foods are bagels.

Simple, yet complex but well rounded.

If you want the taste of NYC delivered to you then click on the bagel below and just wait a day or two to be transported to Manhattan.

Listen hard…you can hear the honking horns and sounds of the subway in the distance.


Ready to enter a world of deliciousness? 

Click here for more info.

All or Nothing Bagel Pack – 6 Plain, 6 Everything


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