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Welcome to first “real” post of The Food You Love.

I am very excited to be blogging in such a pure style of culinary journalism that will showcase my passion, desire and love affair with all things gastronomically fun and delicious.

I hope that you enjoy my pictures, recipes and join in the dinner party.

Let me start by giving you a little bit of a background of me and what I’m about.

I’m a writer, a blogger, a cook, a visionary, a lover of fried food and cheese.

I’m a husband, a father, a mass coffee consumer and owner of over 2,000 cookbooks.

I love to eat breakfast for dinner.

I take more time picking out the perfect tomato than the average person takes to purchase a car.

I went to, what has been said to be, the world’s 3rd best restaurant, The Carnivore, in Kenya..and forgot my camera.

My biggest secret is that I love Velveeta and I once ate 29 oysters in one sitting.

Now that you have some insight into what you are getting into, I hope you have a blast and check us

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